Cannabis is stringently regulated in many countries. This has made it a challenging task for one to conduct effective marketing for the product. While there is a notable triumph since many governments have accorded a supportive environment, bottlenecks in promotional marketing of Cannabis is still an elephant in the room magic mushrooms dispensary.  

Many analysts have predicted 150 to 500 billion US dollars estimation of the global Cannabis industry. This calls for a suitable marketing alternative that will successfully ride through these waves of disruptions. As much as limits in marketing exist, it does not imply that the digital side has no “green grass.” Despite the obstacles experienced in digital advertising occasioned by a high regularization of Cannabis, we still find an avenue for marketing as a result of some states passing laws that legalizes recreational and medical uses of its products. This makes marketing feasible for the world of instant satisfaction through tweets, clicks, and playbacks. 

We look at some of the common digital platforms that will enhance efficiency and effectiveness in your Cannabis marketing. 

Marketing on Facebook  

Facebook has enabled users to create a suitable shopping experience for different brands in their profile. A shopping option is given to the business page which enables one to have a Facebook link to a commerce site. Within each post under the shopping tab, users are allowed to make their selection.  

This is how you can market your Cannabis on Facebook. 

Audience update – This proves to be more effective with the use of Facebook messenger. It helps one to attain a free start to marketing by applying different platforms like the mobile monkey. 

Chatbot – It is an automated piece of messaging software. A Chatbot is programmed to understand questions, provide answers, and execute tasks. It is friendly and time saver when it comes to accessibility. With this, one is capable of retaining customer information and use the details later to go the extra mile in satisfying their specific needs. 

Videos – It enables the marketer to select a target story, upload content, and create a page post. Viewers can make comments after observing fine details provided by the video content. This makes Facebook marketing robust for Cannabis.   

Marketing on Twitter  

Twitter ca track trending topics and events for brands that are commerce-driven. The following twitter marketing tips are suitable for Cannabis. 

Organic – As a consequence of strict guidelines to paid promotions, third party credibility is gained by the brand due to organic promotion and outreach. 

Branded Hashtags – They are short, memorable, and incorporates a brand name in some form. Your customers may use a branded Hashtag to establish a conversation with promotional content that has a far and wide-reaching consumer network 

Social PR Secret – A list of Journalists who cover specifically the Cannabis industry can be created on Twitter to drive promotional content for the product. This makes the marketing strategy confidential. 

Marketing on WhatsApp  

WhatsApp has features that can be used to get clicks and share marketing messages thus increasing brand awareness suitable within a target group. These are;  

Status feature – It allows the user to upload statuses. These may include new brand contents which target specific group within one day period. This feature can also be used to announce a sales offer to customers. 

Share locations – Since Cannabis brand consumers are specific, WhatsApp provides an opportunity to locate users with the help of Google maps. One may be enabled also to program a Chatbot in this context. 

WhatsApp business – This is a customer service-oriented messaging application that makes it easy to connect via SMS to a clientele. 

These common platforms are available to customers thus making huge returns in Cannabis realizable if they are properly utilized by the business.