Auto insurance

This could be well defined as an agreement between an individual and an insurance company which is determined to protect you from going through any financial loss. That is in case of an accident. The insurance company may commit you to pay all your losses as given in the IAIS insurance policy in exchange for the premium .The individual who is applying for the insurance needs to obtain a quote. This type of insurance covers the

  • Property-if it has been damaged  or the car has been stolen
  • Liability-your legal responsibilities to the third party for bodily harm or damaged body
  • Medical-treating injuries and in some cases loss of wages and the funeral budget.

The policies

To allow for customization of coverage amounts which will suit the individual exact needs and budget, the auto insurance cover policies are individually priced. The policies are issued at a period of six months to one year and they are also renewable. The insurance provider will send a notification to renew your policy or remind you to pay your premium. Click here to find out about What to Look For In A Life Insurance Agent.

Whom does it cover? 

This auto AXA Insurance covers you and your family members on this policy. May it be you are driving your car or it belongs to someone should also cover someone who is driving your car with your permission. A personal auto policy covers personal driving but won’t provide the coverage if the car is to be used for commercial purposes. After covering for the damages caused by your car it’s important to cover your own car for damages. You should be able to consider the following covers

  • Collision-this reimburses you for damages to the car that occurs as a result of the collision with another  vehicle or object when it’s you at will also cover for damages from potholes or in case of your car rolling
  • Comprehensive-this covers against  theft and damages which area as a result of incidents like fire vandalism, flooding, falling rocks or trees and hail
  • Glass coverage- covers the windshield from any damage .this policy may include non-deductible glass coverage like side windows, glass sunroofs and rear windows. Under this kind of a policy, you are to purchase the supplementary glass coverage.
  • Towing-this  cover is used to pay for a tow if the vehicle cannot be driven after being involved in an accident

Usually, you are advised that before going to purchase the auto insurance policy you need to carry out good research about the insurance provider you are intending to contact this is so are able to be sure that the policy you pick will cover your vehicle at all times. Carry out an investigation on their financial strength as this will directly bring an impact on their ability to pay your claims and the time they take to pay.