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How Cannabis Benefits the Seniors Using It

Cannabis is a popular drug among young people and it is also used by the older generation. For example, in the United States of America, the fastest growing medical marijuana users are seniors. Studies show this to be an upward trend and it looks set to stay that way. 

Cannabis comes from the plant cannabis sativa and it has several other names including; pot, weed, ganja, reefer, dope, among others. It can be used as a recreational drug and mostly for old people as one to help them cope with struggles or traumatic experiences hence the term, medical marijuana. It is prescribed by doctors. 

Facts about Cannabis 

The stigma around medical marijuana is fading. It has for a long time been associated with poor life choices like prostitution, criminal offences but that is changing as there is no direct correlation of bad behavior and the drug. 

It helps to increase appetite. Cannabis users have an increased appetite upon the use of the drug so it aids in eating more and better. 

It does not lower IQ or cause brain damage. Cannabis has been linked with lowered intelligence but that is not true. In fact, many people use it as it helps them remember things more clearly and take on even more stuff. As for causing brain damage, despite staying in the body system for a considerable period of time, it does not result in permanent brain damage. 

Marijuana infused ointments can be very effective in alleviating neuropathy pain and arthritis. Marijuana also helps to treat cancer, chronic pain, glaucoma patients, multiple sclerosis, eczema, epilepsy, insomnia and Huntington’s disease. As well, to get a person feeling high or good about themselves, these are good substitutes. 

There are other ways to use marijuana apart from smoking. It can be eaten because it is added in foods and this seems preferable to a lot of people. Inhalation also works. 

Can reduce and possibly replace many prescribed medicines. It is a great health benefit and studies show that it works better than other products do. 

There are some strains without the “high”. As the primary reason of using marijuana is not to just get high, some strains do not have that. 

There are many types or “strains” of marijuana which are used. The process of planting produces these different kinds. 

Marijuana is safer than other commonly prescribed medication because a lot of research has been done on it and conclusions drawn that are used to determine better options for patients from others. 

It is not physically addictive. Not all marijuana users are addicts and as stated especially for old people, it is to help deal with medical conditions or traumatic events. 

Marijuana use may have negative effects, more so for seniors but with the help of medical doctors and officers, it should do more good than harm. 

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