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How THC use affects driving by Impairing Your Brain!

The main active ingredient in marijuana is THC. In full, this is Tetrahydrocannabinol. This psychoactive compound has a dramatic effect on two important systems of the body. These are the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the muscular system. Due to these effects, THC can pose a major risk on your capability to drive. Driving under the influence of THC increases your chances of crashing. Read on to discover more on How THC use affects driving. 

How THC acts within your body 

One you consume THC, it affects your body in numerous ways: 

  • The brain and Central Nervous System (CNS): THC acts directly upon the neural pathways in your brain. This psychoactive chemical changes your information-processing mode. As such, your capability to make proper judgment is impaired. This chemical also adjusts how you process information. This is because it slows down the performance of your hippocampus. This prevents you from accessing old memories. It also impairs your ability to make new ones. Due to this effect, you can have trouble remembering road regulations as you drive. This can prove fatal. 
  • The amygdala: Depression mainly affects this section of the brain. THC can stimulate this part and heighten the symptoms of depression. This can cause you to become withdrawn and even contemplate suicide. This revelation of How THC use affects driving can be very dangerous when you are driving.  
  • Your eyes: THC causes blood vessels to dilate. This results in red, dry eyes. You need clear, uninterrupted vision while driving. Therefore, THC can impair this ability for you. With difficult vision, you can end up causing an accident by missing important elements on the road ahead.  
  • The hypothalamic axis: This is a combination of sections within your brain. They include the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and amygdala. Together, they control anxiety levels. THC reduces the efficacy of these sections in your brain. As a result, your ability to experience anxiety heightens. This can result in panic attacks.  Should this happen as you drive, it can result in a panic attack and a grisly accident.  
  • Nervous system: THC is psychoactive in nature. This means that it affects the nervous system. It can cause a delay in the firing and reception of messages in the nervous network. This can cause significant delays in executing commands from your brain to the muscle systems. This delay causes a slow reaction time. This can be very dangerous when you are driving because you may end up involved in an accident. 
  • Cough: Consuming THC can cause you to experience a throaty, consistent cough. This can prove dangerous when you are driving. That is because it distracts you from the road ahead.  


THC is the major compound in marijuana. It has numerous effects on the body. They are explained above. They reveal How THC use affects driving. 

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Outlining The Best Employee Benefits To Give To Your Workers

Employee benefits basically refer to additional remuneration given to workers aside their regular salaries and wages to cater for their expenses click here for payday loan Belleville These benefits are a prime incentive for employees to work to their level bests having in mind that most of their daily expenses are catered for. To be a competent employer, here’s a list of the best employee benefits that you can give your workers:

Health Insurance 

This is simply coverage for medical and surgical costs. Based on the type of health insurance coverage it is, this could work two ways: the insured employee could either pay for their medical expenses to later receive compensation, or the insurer sends the payments to the health service providers directly. Ailments can befall anyone and sometimes treatment costs more than what’s within the patient’s financial ability. Workers, therefore, prefer employers that give health insurance covers to their employees.

Life Insurance

Under this type of insurance cover, the insured party makes monthly or annual payments so that when they die their assigned beneficiaries receive a large sum of money. An employer who gives life insurance coverage to their employees stands the highest chance to attract the most candidates to work for them. Most people in the working-age bracket have families depending on them and would not want to leave them helpless in a case of demise. This is, therefore, one of the most preferred benefits that you should offer your workers as a competent employer.

Retirement Benefits

Any employed person would one day have to stop working mainly as a result of old age. Retirement benefits are simply grants paid to retirees as promised by their employers. Normally, the amount of money that a retired worker is given depends on their initial earnings history, level and rank of service and age. The majorly used formula to determine this is based on the employees’ final salary whereby they are paid a stated percentage of their last earnings for a given number of years after they stop working. Many potential workers would prefer employers that offer these benefits to be sure that their lives would not fall apart when they retire.

Childcare Benefits

Sometimes children to employees require urgent attention that could involve high costs. Childcare benefits are a type of coverage that involves covering partly or fully the costs of an emergency when the insured party’s child falls sick. The job market has become very competitive nowadays and for you to be an outstanding employer you should consider giving childcare benefits to your workers. 

Dental Insurance

With this type of insurance coverage, the employees’ dental costs are catered for. It is one of the best benefits you could offer to your potential workers to attract and retain the most competent of them all. Any person would wish to no longer worry about their dental expenses and if you offered this type of coverage, a candidate will storm at your door begging to work for you.

Are you are an employer thinking about the types of employee benefits to give your workers? Consider the above-mentioned ones as your prime priority.