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The Story of How to Take Edibles Safely Has Gone Viral


Edibles are pleasant products that you can use to get high. You can make them at home or get the products from a clinic. Edibles have a large market for consumers and producers Globally. They have become trendy in the current society due to their improved method of fusion. 

Edibles products are Cannabis-based Cheap Weed. They are produced with Cannabidiol [CBD] and Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol [THC] contents. Edibles are used for recreational and treatment purposes. 

a. How to Consume Edibles Effectively 

Edibles can put your health at risk. You can avoid the dangers associated with Edibles by taking the recommended dose. Read the content package well before use. You can also consult a healthy provider for more guidance. 

Edibles are administered in small doses at the beginning. You can increase the dose with time preferably between two to twenty-four hours. If you wish to take THC-infused products, you can start two milligrams. Ten milligrams CBD fused product is the best for a beginner. 

b. Types of Safe Edibles 

Edibles are made in form of many ways. You can choose the type that is comfortable for you. Cannabinol products take about 30 and 60 minutes to act. Listed here are the different forms. 

  • Drinks such as tea, alcohol, fruit drinks, among others. 
  • Snacks like biscuits, cakes, cookies, and many more. Snacks are slow to respond as they pass through digestion. 
  • Sweets for example chewing gums, chocolates, and candies. Sweets work at a high rate as they are absorbed in the mouth. 
  • You can also find it in sugar and butter. 

c. Factors that limit Edibles Efficiency 

Individuals’ health is different. This makes Edibles work fast or slow on your body. The given below factors affect the function of Cannabidiol products.  

The rate of metabolism. It can be low or high. 

The type of diet. The product works faster for those on the right diet. 

Sex. Male or female. It can respond quickly to one gender. 

The body masses. Some individuals are overweight or underweight. 

d. Positive effects of Edibles in Your Body 

Edibles are useful to your body. The products are used on occasions such as weddings, baking classes, and clinics. They do not affect the breathing system. The products treat illnesses such as chronic pain. They do not cause smoke pollution making them easy to use. You can use Edibles in public. They do not smell and no one can note. 

e. Disadvantages of Edibles 

Cannabis-based products are not safe to use. They cause harm to your health. Below are the effects of Edibles. 

  1. They affect your appetite. 
  1. They make your body feel tired. 
  1. Edibles cause diarrhea and nausea. 
  1. The products cause vomiting and anxiety. 
  1. They affect memory and cause motor impairment. 

f. Conclusion 

Taking an overdose of the product is dangerous to your health. You should lead the product concentration carefully. Buying Edibles from a legal dealer is safe for your body. The product does not show effect right away. You should not be tempted to take more Edibles. 

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Lion’s mane mushroom health benefits


Lion’s mane mushroom is very large, shaggy and appear white in color. It can be cooked, eaten raw, dried as well as made as a tea. It has some bioactive substances good for the body more so the brain, gut as well as the heart. These major components result into some health benefits. 

Health benefits 

Facilitate healing of nerve injuries 

There are some forms of injuries that may be so devastating more so the once associated with the brain as well as spinal cord.  The spinal cord and brain form major component of nervous system. Major injuries associated with the brain and spinal cord may result into paralysis. Therefore, components found in this plant may reduce the inflammation of the nerves. 


It reduces the rate of depression as well as anxiety from individuals. Its extracts like hericenones as well as erinacines activates the growth and synthesis of nerve factor. Depression is also considered to be very common among individuals and have neuropsychiatric effect. The plant helps in neurotrophic factors expression thus relieving individual from depression. 

Prevention and treatment of cancer 

It provides protection from cancer through knocking of leukemia associated cells. It complements chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy thereby countering the effect brought about by cancer. Cancer may result into other health complication in the body like nausea. The various anti-tumor agents are present in most of its bioactive molecules thus kills the cancerous cells. 

Prevention and treatment of ulcers 

Ulcer is one of the digestive tract problems through the growth of pylori. It protects the stomach linings against damage by various enzyme through inhibiting pylori growth. It is also known us anti-gastric activity of ulcer. There are bioactive substances extracted from it like polysaccharides that counteracts the activity of enzymes eating up the lining of intestines. 

Brain function/dementia 

The development of the central nervous system in the body is quite important. The brain forms the central nervous system in the body and therefore needs to develop from one level to the other. Its quite unfortunate that the development of the brain goes with age and it reaches a point when the it loses its ability to make connections of some new things.  The two bioactive components hericenones together with erinacines facilitates the development of various brain cells. Through development of various cells in the brain, the functionality of the central nervous system is enhanced thus connections can easily be made. 

Reduces heart problems. 

Heart is a very delicate blood circulatory system in the body. Heart receives and pumped blood throughout the body. Hericenone B reduces blood clotting effect in the heart thus prevents heart attack together with stroke. 

Prevention and treatment of diabetes 

This is a disease associated with blood sugar level in the body. Its from high blood sugar level in the body above the normal standard the body needs for normal functionality. The major contribution is made by lowering the blood sugar level of individuals from its extracts. The extract also reduces the nerve pain from the hand together with the feet. Further more it also increases the insulin level in the body. 


The lion ‘s mane mushroom has a lot of health benefits. Therefore, much emphasis should be put in place to ensures that it’s included in the diet. It is also necessary with the patients diagnose with some of the above-mentioned health complications to have in their diet. 

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More than 10,000 years ago, the magic mushroom was in use for various purposes. Medical and spiritual rituals were some of them because the mushroom, as they believe, can modify consciousness and trigger mystical experiences. 

Magic mushrooms have an active ingredient called psilocybin. It is in a class of psychedelics(Hallucinogenic fungi). Research shows that the ingredient psilocybin is a potential therapy for many psychiatric disorders- Post-trauma syndrome disorder being one of them. 

Unlike other drugs that alleviate PTSD, Magic mushrooms act by energizing nerve cell resuscitation in·the brain. The nerve cell is the brain center responsible for emotion and memory. 

Magic Mushrooms can assist in the breaking of the traumatic cycle that happens in patients with Post-Trauma syndrome disorder(PTSD). 

Therefore, The mushroom can offer a different benefit to some PTSD patients. 

How Magic Mushroom Works in the brain 

The main target in the brain cells is serotonin. 

The active ingredient of magic mushrooms( Psilocybin) is serotonin HT2A receptor agonists, or stimulators, increasing brain kinetic energy. When neurons are disorderly-when there is a reduction of the default mode of the network psilocybin, can connect them to the positive activities. 

It helps in the development and repair of new neurons also joints between the dendrites. They reach out and send a message to other brain cells. The effect takes place several sessions of taking the drug. 

Benefits of Using Magic Mushroom 

The study found that the benefits of psilocybin were not just temporary but could be long-lasting and even increase over time for some people(https://psychable.com). 

With the study going on, many people with post-trauma syndrome disorder will benefit from psilocybin-assisted therapy as they do not respond to the currently available treatment. 

The active ingredient of the mushroom can counteract the negative effects of PTSD thus, giving positive thinking to the patient. 

In combination with psychotherapy, the magic mushroom healing process in PTSD is faster than other drugs. 

It is not chemically addictive that leads to dependency on the medicine like other medicines. 

It gives a meaningful life experience to the patient. 

Risk of Using Magic Mushroom 

Every medicine or substance has a side effect. Therefore it cannot be an exception. 

High doses of Magic mushroom can cause terror and panic. Therefore it is necessary to use the correct dosage. 

They have a half-life that can last for up to 6 hours. It is enough for it to give severe changes to body and brain chemistry. Therefore, bring harmful effects to the body and brain that can lead to chronic health conditions. 


Magic mushrooms are known for their intense changes in perception and consciousness. 

Their use can be essential to Post-trauma syndrome disorder patients if fully legalized. It has shown positive effects after several sessions in combination with psychotherapies. 

Their potential benefit is to boost neurogenesis of the brain’s center for memory and emotions. Thus, repairing the patient’s memory and emotion.  

Research is ongoing, and up to this point, the benefits are positive. 

Before taking or stopping any medication, it is advisable to consult your health care worker. Some substances are harmful to the body and brain when not taken on the recommended dosage. 

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Why Magic mushroom sales online are the best

Magic mushrooms which are commonly referred to as shrooms, belong to a group of fungi and are used by humans for medicinal benefits. The main ingredient in shrooms is psilocybin which is responsible for psychedelic effect. Shrooms have become popular medicine because of the many therapeutic benefits they offer to its users. After regular testing for ages, magic mushrooms are believed to treat depression, anxiety, addiction and cluster headaches, just but to mention a few. 

Why sell Magic mushroom online? 

Due to the fast-paced development in technology, last decades’ challenges have been eliminated, leading to efficient and effective way of doing business. Stores have taken advantage of technology and with a click of a button, a buyer is able to access a wide range of products magic mushrooms from Shroomhub. As a result buying or selling of shrooms online is easy and seamless because of the following: 

High quality 

Many enterprises have embraced technology to reach many customers worldwide. Stores selling magic mushroom online have no option but to provide high quality products so as to sustain their businesses in the long term. As a result, online stores guarantee quality. With online stores, buyers are able to choose from a variety of shroom products such as dried magic, micro dose capsules or mushroom edibles. 


Selling shrooms online makes life easy, not just for the buyer but also the seller. Why? It goes without saying that the seller just displays the products and services they offer online and their prices. With a click of a button, either using a smartphone or a computer, a buyer is able to select the item they require at the comfort of their sofa. Once payment is done, the items can be collected at their doorstep. It’s that easy! 

Identity is concealed 

Some buyers want their identity concealed especially when buying shrooms products. To this effect, the product is well packed and no markings whatsoever on the package to suggest its content. And since the delivery is done at the door-step, every customer is happy to shop online and avoid the risk associated with buying from the nearest store. 

Reliable customer support 

To provide the ultimate customer experience, shrooms online stores provide a twenty-four hour customer service. Many stores have a team of experts, who ensure that all queries are addressed instantly. Not only that but also they give timely updates about shipping progress and any other relevant information. 

Fast delivery 

With various locations in many countries, online stores are able to deliver orders with speed and efficiency.  For first buyers, they enjoy big discounts and for large quantities, shipping fee is exempted. This saves time and fare as one does not need to visit physical stores where the quality maybe compromised.  

In a nutshell, it is easier to sell magic mushrooms online because the customer is guaranteed of quality, variety, anonymity and fast delivery. 

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Traveling with Cannabis around the World

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a psychoactive drug acquired from a marijuana plant and consumed for its relaxing and calming effects. This article focuses on the places where you are allowed to use marijuana around the world. 

Some of the places for Cannabis tourists are: 


Marijuana clubs are constantly popular in western countries, mostly in Barcelona. Cannabis tourists are welcomed there; although they allow the drug to be used, some rules and regulations limit its usage, including possessing, buying, cultivating, and using the drug in a public place as this may cause you to be fined if not jailed. To use the drug in those clubs, you must register as a member to get the drug delivered to you privately. 


Amsterdam, Netherlands is the most obvious place for cannabis tourists; they have been visiting the area for many years to buy the drug sold on the streets. This city is still one of the highly-rated towns where the drug is sold despite other upcoming cities globally, so if you are after the drug’s quality, consider visiting Amsterdam for the taste of cannabis vacation Shiva Buzz. Cannabis enthusiasts around the world who usually attend the annual cannabis trade show mostly come from this city. 


Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize the use of bhang in the year 2013, and the town of Montevideo was the integral un that movement. Tourists who love bhang should consider visiting Montevideo, where you will meet farmers who are experienced in the cultivation of marijuana, and they will reveal to you the secret of the practice. 


If you are a tourist looking for a luxurious cannabis vacation, then embark on the highest experience in the province of British Columbia in Canada, where recreational bhang is fully legalized. There are many options in this place, including a chopper where you will be whisked off to a secret mountaintop location where chefs will give you marijuana-induced food. 

New Zealand 

New Zealand has a place called Christchurch, where they offer educational cannabis vacation even though the drug is not yet legalized. The library in this place, which stocks over a hundred books about this drug, has impacted the global cannabis community. This area has been at the forefront of fighting for the legalization of the country’s bhang. 


In this country, marijuana is sold even in the restaurant by being induced on some foods and marked with the menu name ‘happy.’ However, it is still illegal but is culturally accepted, cheap and ubiquitous. 

Czech republic 

Cannabis is legal in this country, but there are restrictions that you should not be found in possession of up to 15g of it since it is assumed that it is more than you plan to have for personal use during the trip. Moreover, it has been fully legal for five years as it was used for medicinal purposes. 


Although marijuana is considered therapeutic, some countries have not yet legalized its usage within their boundaries; therefore, if you are a marijuana tourist, consider going through the rules governing cannabis usage in the country you are planning to visit. 

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Impacts of COVID-19 on Travelling with Cannabis

Cannabis has been one of the most popularly known drugs for the attraction of successful trade; both locally and globally. However, as the world finds itself engrossed in the largest public health crisis of our lifetimes, the COVID-19 Pandemic; the known coronavirus disrupting life for every person across the globe, is naturally one of the tops of everyone’s minds. As difficult as it is to think about the cannabis industry and reform movement at times like this, the reality is that the coronavirus’s impact on our economy and society is also impacting cannabis-related industries; with the effects likely to worsen in the coming weeks and potentially months. 

As far as travelers and tourism are concerned, about 80% of cannabis’ retail businesses and markets depend on travelers and tourism for at least making a portion of their sales. Additionally, some people major in traveling with cannabis across the border-states purposefully for trading on it. Such business enterprises are however forced to pivot in response to the coronavirus pandemic; by appealing more to the local customers; this is because there is a total lockdown globally and the potential customers who are especially tourists, can easily never travel across the border state. This has seriously tampered traveling with cannabis by causing serious customers to stay far apart. 

Stay-at-home orders from various heads of states have pushed Cannabis company executives to rethink business strategies that appeal to tourists, particularly in the event the health care persists into the summer when the majority of the cannabis sales to travelers happen purchase here online. The strategies are meant to counteract the negative fallout that has even affected several other states with legal markets and strong tourism industries. 

Unfortunately, several special categories of individuals fully rely upon cannabis to stabilize their health conditions as medicine; and on the other hand, those are the people who are too vulnerable to the attacks by COVID-19.  Therefore, the emergence of the Covid-19 is too risky to such individuals and government in various states should as well rethink before closing cannabis’ dispensaries which use cannabis’ related products to offer medical services to such vulnerable groups of individuals by simply regarding such dispensaries as one among special medical facilities like pharmacies. 

To stay afloat during these difficult circumstances, the cannabis retailers in tourist-heavy markets are:- 

  • Focusing on regular customers within their communities by offering discounts and incentives such as loyalty programs. 
  • Pumping more resources into building out alternative sales strategies such as delivery and online ordering. 
  • Working on brand awareness among locals; and not tourists to compete for nearby customers. 

I conclusion, as tourism will continue to be the strongest deliverance of the Cannabis business; this is a unique opportunity to aim towards building a strong local base and gaining lasting market share; this is simply by fulfilling their desires and preferences based on their knowledge on the brands; which make quality products. The government should also be lenient enough to cater for the special categories of individuals who don’t rely on cannabis as a drug but using it for medical reasons.

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Increased use and reduced stigma use of cannabis in seniors

Cannabis is an illicit drug that is widely used in the world among the older people including males. The use of it is rising sharply among seniors who are mostly over 65 years. It is associated with mental health effects. It is used to self-medicate individuals who are old, and those with brain disorders such as, multiple sclerosis, bipolar disorders, and schizophrenia. 

What is behind this trend? 

There is the decrease in stigmatization associated with the use of cannabis. 

There is also increased interest in using it for medical purposes in seniors. 

Conditions that cause the seniors to use cannabis 

  • Insomnia 
  • Pain 
  • Anxiety 
  • Neuropathy 

Risk seniors are exposed to using medical cannabis 

  •  They use the cannabis with fear because it is illegal. 

Cardiac health and its use 

Blood pressure and heart beat are increased. 

Anxiety attacks trigger coronary syndromes. 

Medical interactions 

Since older people have comorbid health conditions, they consider taking multiple medications. 

Cannabis active ingredients either decrease or increase the levels of blood of other drugs seniors take. This affects liver enzymes that metabolize medications. 


  • Hallucinations. Associated with stronger strains of cannabis. It can be misinterpreted by individuals under the influence of effects of onset of dementia. 
  • Mental health. Cannabis leads to the onset of mental illnesses such as psychosis, and schizophrenia. 
  • It can also cause depression, and bipolar disorders. 
  • Overeating. It is detrimental to adults who are already overweight. 
  • There is an increased risk of falling. This can be potentially catastrophic. 
  • Memory loss. Leads to short term or long-term memory loss in adults. 
  • Respiratory problems. Regular intake of it induces phlegm accumulation and coughing. 
  • It is harmful to people who recently had heart attacks. 
  • It increases the risk for bleeds. 


  • It increases one’s appetite. 
  • It does not cause damage to the brain or lower the IQ of the individual. 
  • It is physically non- addictive. Using cannabis, and after, discontinuing it has the same response as that of quitting the use of coffee. Thus, individuals with stress, anxiety and chronic pain are allowed to use it as daily medication. 
  • It reduces and replaces many prescribed medications. Conditions such as anxiety, cognitive awareness, high blood pressure, insomnia, constipation, and headaches can be dealt with by the use of cannabis medically. 

Bottom line 

The use of cannabis among seniors is growing rapidly since there is reduced stigma and public acceptance. It manages chronic pain and insomnia. 

In case you have cardiac issues, you are taking multiple medications, and have cognitive changes as a result of aging, it is necessary to have a lengthy discussion with a doctor to weigh the safety of the risks involved. Start with a low dose that is effective, and with time you can weigh up the dose so as to alleviate the symptoms once you begin using the cannabis. 

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How Cannabis Benefits the Seniors Using It

Cannabis is a popular drug among young people and it is also used by the older generation. For example, in the United States of America, the fastest growing medical marijuana users are seniors. Studies show this to be an upward trend and it looks set to stay that way. 

Cannabis comes from the plant cannabis sativa and it has several other names including; pot, weed, ganja, reefer, dope, among others. It can be used as a recreational drug and mostly for old people as one to help them cope with struggles or traumatic experiences hence the term, medical marijuana. It is prescribed by doctors. 

Facts about Cannabis 

The stigma around medical marijuana is fading. It has for a long time been associated with poor life choices like prostitution, criminal offences but that is changing as there is no direct correlation of bad behavior and the drug. 

It helps to increase appetite. Cannabis users have an increased appetite upon the use of the drug so it aids in eating more and better. 

It does not lower IQ or cause brain damage. Cannabis has been linked with lowered intelligence but that is not true. In fact, many people use it as it helps them remember things more clearly and take on even more stuff. As for causing brain damage, despite staying in the body system for a considerable period of time, it does not result in permanent brain damage. 

Marijuana infused ointments can be very effective in alleviating neuropathy pain and arthritis. Marijuana also helps to treat cancer, chronic pain, glaucoma patients, multiple sclerosis, eczema, epilepsy, insomnia and Huntington’s disease. As well, to get a person feeling high or good about themselves, these are good substitutes. 

There are other ways to use marijuana apart from smoking. It can be eaten because it is added in foods and this seems preferable to a lot of people. Inhalation also works. 

Can reduce and possibly replace many prescribed medicines. It is a great health benefit and studies show that it works better than other products do. 

There are some strains without the “high”. As the primary reason of using marijuana is not to just get high, some strains do not have that. 

There are many types or “strains” of marijuana which are used. The process of planting produces these different kinds. 

Marijuana is safer than other commonly prescribed medication because a lot of research has been done on it and conclusions drawn that are used to determine better options for patients from others. 

It is not physically addictive. Not all marijuana users are addicts and as stated especially for old people, it is to help deal with medical conditions or traumatic events. 

Marijuana use may have negative effects, more so for seniors but with the help of medical doctors and officers, it should do more good than harm. 

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The legalization of marijuana has been contested for years for its health benefits as well as recreation. Many states all over the country are ready to vote on their status on election day. A proposition on the ballot would legalize the possession of marijuana. This article focuses on all the states that are looking to legalize cannabis on election day. 

California, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada will vote on making marijuana a legal recreational drug while Florida, Arkansas, and North Dakota will vote on whether they want to legalize medical marijuana. 

In Montana, they will vote on whether to ease the restrictions on their medical marijuana system or not. They want to amend the constitution to make 21 the legal age to possess and consume marijuana. In another initiative, a 20% defined tax would be imposed on the drug. 

Voters in California would have a say on preposition 64 that would allow citizens 21 years and above to use the drug recreationally. It would also regulate a 15% sales tax and also a tax on the drug’s cultivation. Then the profits would be used to enforce the regulations. 

In Arizona, they would vote on Proposition 207 which permits residents to possess up to 1 ounce and grow up to six plants on their property. They can also create a regulatory system for the products’ growth and sale. Medical use of marijuana has been legalized in Arizona for a decade now. 

In Maine, the voters can use Question 1 to legalize marijuana for recreation use and also place a 10% tax on the sales. Although the Governor of Maine does not support the legalization, the residents of Maine would be required to use the drug in the only non-public places. 

While in Nevada, the voters will decide on Question 2 which would authorize marijuana retail stores to sell it. People over 21 also are allowed to possess marijuana. 

Voters in Massachusetts can use Question 4 not only legalizes the drug but also to allow the commonwealth to regulate the tax and usage of marijuana. Their residents above 21 years would be allowed to grow and use marijuana. When they are in public, they are restricted to carry more than one ounce. 

In South Dakota, they have two questions which would legalize marijuana for adults and establish a medical cannabis program and registration system for folks with qualifying conditions. Dakota can use the two questions to enact the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational. 

In conclusion, ever since Washington and Colorado became the first states to approve the initiatives of consuming and growing cannabis, voters in many states have considered the proposal to legalize marijuana for recreation and medical purposes. 

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Cannabis refers to a group of three plants, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. These three plants have psychoactive properties. Their flowers are often harvested and dried to create one of the most commonly used drug as pot, weed, or marijuana. 


The following is a chronological order of the most notable laws and their changes about cannabis in recorded history. 

1300 – The Emir of Joneima in Arabia, Soudoun Sheikouni prohibited the use of cannabis across his nation. This is one of the earliest recorded cannabis bans in the world.  

1787 – When Madagascar King  Andrianampoinimerina took the throne in 1787, one of his first acts was to outlaw the use of cannabis by the citizens of his kingdom. Anyone caught using the substance was subjected to capital punishment as a penalty for disobedience to this law. 

1800 – When Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt in 1800, he became concerned by his troop’s habit of smoking hashish through pipes and their drinking of cannabis-based beverages. This concerns led him to ban both the drug and the system that provided it. 

1870 – South-East Africa which was known as Natal Colony enacted the Coolie Law Consolidation. This law prohibited Indian workers from possessing, using, selling or gifting cannabis regardless of its quantity. In the same year, Singapore burned all uses of cannabis. 

1877 – The Ottoman government based at Constantinople had earlier taken Egypt from Napoleon Bonaparte following his defeat and expulsion. In 1877 it mandated all hashish in Egypt to be destroyed. Two years later in 1879 importation of cannabis was burned by Khedivate of Egypt. 

1894 – Indian Hemp Drugs Commission which was based in British India released its findings concluding that the moderate use of cannabis practically produced no harmful effects. In all cases with the exception of a few the harm from moderate use was not significant. 

1948 – Japan established a licensing system for dealers and punishment for unlicensed use or sale through its cannabis control law. 

1961 – The United Nation declared the use of cannabis for any purpose other than medical and scientific use to be discontinued as soon as possible but within 25 years. This declaration was reached in Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. 

1972 – The Netherlands divided drugs into more dangerous and less dangerous categories. Cannabis was put in a less dangerous category. A misdemeanor was to be given if someone was in possession of 30 grams or less. 

1975 – Ali Soilih seized power in Comoros and legalized cannabis to gain the support of Comoros’ youths among his other radical reforms. 

1996 – The state of California in the United States of America became the first jurisdiction in the USA to legalize cannabis for medical use. 

2001 – The Use of Medical cannabis was legalized in Canada. 

2004 – Cannabis was classified as a class C drug in the United Kingdom. Class C drug is a class for less harmful drugs. However, it was restored to class B drug in 2009. 

2011 – Several Cannabis-derived drugs were approved in Denmark for medical use. 

2012 – Washington State and Colorado in the United States voters voted to legalize recreational cannabis. This started the green rush which has resulted in the creation of employment for hundreds of people. 

2017 – Lesotho became the first African county to give a license for medical cannabis. It was followed by Zimbabwe in 2018. 

2020 – Cannabis possession and growth were legalized in Australian Capital. This is usually for personal use. 

Malawi and Lebanon have become the latest countries to legalize use of medical cannabis in 2020. 


Throughout history, many kingdoms, countries, and states have burned and prohibited the use of cannabis by its citizens for centuries. However, looking at recent studies and trends, its medical use continues to be legalized in many countries. A few countries and states have also legalized the recreational use of cannabis among its population.  

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Digital Platforms for Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis is stringently regulated in many countries. This has made it a challenging task for one to conduct effective marketing for the product. While there is a notable triumph since many governments have accorded a supportive environment, bottlenecks in promotional marketing of Cannabis is still an elephant in the room magic mushrooms dispensary.  

Many analysts have predicted 150 to 500 billion US dollars estimation of the global Cannabis industry. This calls for a suitable marketing alternative that will successfully ride through these waves of disruptions. As much as limits in marketing exist, it does not imply that the digital side has no “green grass.” Despite the obstacles experienced in digital advertising occasioned by a high regularization of Cannabis, we still find an avenue for marketing as a result of some states passing laws that legalizes recreational and medical uses of its products. This makes marketing feasible for the world of instant satisfaction through tweets, clicks, and playbacks. 

We look at some of the common digital platforms that will enhance efficiency and effectiveness in your Cannabis marketing. 

Marketing on Facebook  

Facebook has enabled users to create a suitable shopping experience for different brands in their profile. A shopping option is given to the business page which enables one to have a Facebook link to a commerce site. Within each post under the shopping tab, users are allowed to make their selection.  

This is how you can market your Cannabis on Facebook. 

Audience update – This proves to be more effective with the use of Facebook messenger. It helps one to attain a free start to marketing by applying different platforms like the mobile monkey. 

Chatbot – It is an automated piece of messaging software. A Chatbot is programmed to understand questions, provide answers, and execute tasks. It is friendly and time saver when it comes to accessibility. With this, one is capable of retaining customer information and use the details later to go the extra mile in satisfying their specific needs. 

Videos – It enables the marketer to select a target story, upload content, and create a page post. Viewers can make comments after observing fine details provided by the video content. This makes Facebook marketing robust for Cannabis.   

Marketing on Twitter  

Twitter ca track trending topics and events for brands that are commerce-driven. The following twitter marketing tips are suitable for Cannabis. 

Organic – As a consequence of strict guidelines to paid promotions, third party credibility is gained by the brand due to organic promotion and outreach. 

Branded Hashtags – They are short, memorable, and incorporates a brand name in some form. Your customers may use a branded Hashtag to establish a conversation with promotional content that has a far and wide-reaching consumer network 

Social PR Secret – A list of Journalists who cover specifically the Cannabis industry can be created on Twitter to drive promotional content for the product. This makes the marketing strategy confidential. 

Marketing on WhatsApp  

WhatsApp has features that can be used to get clicks and share marketing messages thus increasing brand awareness suitable within a target group. These are;  

Status feature – It allows the user to upload statuses. These may include new brand contents which target specific group within one day period. This feature can also be used to announce a sales offer to customers. 

Share locations – Since Cannabis brand consumers are specific, WhatsApp provides an opportunity to locate users with the help of Google maps. One may be enabled also to program a Chatbot in this context. 

WhatsApp business – This is a customer service-oriented messaging application that makes it easy to connect via SMS to a clientele. 

These common platforms are available to customers thus making huge returns in Cannabis realizable if they are properly utilized by the business.   

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TUFTS deals with several sectors

Is an American private research university on the border of Medford and Somerville, Massachusetts, founded in 1852 by Christian Universalist who sought to open a nonsectarian institution for higher learning dedicated to educating new leaders for a changing World and a world-class research equip graduates. Charles Tufts donated 20 acres to the church as he wanted to ‘put light on it’ and the donation is still at the heart of TUFTS. Is also a global campus known for fostering different communities of students to be future leaders who are ready to make significant contributions to the society. Its aim is to bring out innovators, global leaders, social impactors and transformers. It is located in Somerville, Massachusetts in the Boston Area. It is the third oldest college in the Boston area.

Hosea Ballou became the first president of the college as he was one of the biggest influencer in the establishment of the college. The campus was opened in August 1854 and after the president’s death, he was succeeded by Alonzo Ames. He did several advances which includes the establishment of preparatory schools, Goddard seminary, Westbrook seminary, and Dean Academy.

It was a small college that transformed into a larger research university that emphasizes on active citizenship and public service in all disciplines and also known for its internationalism and study abroad programs. It offers both undergraduate and graduate programs across ten schools in the greater Boston area and Tallies, France has the country’s oldest graduate school of international relations, the Fletcher school of law and diplomacy. The largest school is the school of Arts and Sciences, which includes both the graduate school of Arts and Sciences and the School of Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, which is affiliated with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The school of Engineering offers an entrepreneurial focus through its Gordon Institute and maintains close connections with the original college.

The university has a campus in Downtown Boston that houses the medical, dental and nutrition schools as well as the graduate school of Biomedical Sciences, affiliated with several medical centers in the area. It offers joint undergraduate degree programs with the New England Conservatory, and the Sciences Po Pans with additional programs with the University of Paris, Oxford University and constitutes of London University, several of its programs have affiliated with the nearby institutions of Harvard University and the Massachusetts institute of Technology.

TUFTS is considered as highly selective, and admitted only 15% of applicants in fall 2020. It has graduated several Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Truman and Goldwater scholars. Alumni and affiliates include Head of states, Governors, Nobel laureates, Senators, Representatives, Emmy and Academic award winners, and National Academy Members.

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Cannabis legalization in Europe for Recreational Uses – Countries to Monitor

The legalization and the cultivation, distribution, and culture of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use vary from country to country, as it is possible to consume it and for what medical conditions it may be used. The United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs signed in 1961, the Psychotropic Substances Convention of 1971, and the Illicit Trafficking of Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances Convention of 1988 control these policies in most countries. 

Canada legalized recreational cannabis in October 2018, and cannabis became a hot topic. Nevertheless, with the focus of all our attention on North America, it is time that we turned to cannabis legalization in Europe to see what progress is being made in countries across this region


Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) is the only major political party in Germany to take a prohibitive stance in the field of recreational cannabis. Such claims are based on recent comments by CDU’s internal political spokesperson Marian Wendt, who said that ‘cannabis, with regulated processing and distribution, could be liberated for personal use. 

The speed of this volte-face is what makes this case especially interesting. Just last year Marlene Mortler, the predecessor of the Bavarian sister party to the CDU, the Christian Social Union (CSU), the position was that the idea of legalizing cannabis was the wrong move as it “suggests, to young people especially, that cannabis is not a dangerous substance”.  

Medical use was legalized in 2017, but stringent surveillance is being carried out. Currently, recreational usage is illegal, but the government is more and more lenient, and it does not generally prosecute individuals for up to 6 g. 


With 4.7 million users, France has one of the highest numbers of cannabis users in Europe. 

A new government commission has disputed urged France to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes. The June 2019 study says that because of the vast numbers of young people who are using it, the public spending burden, and the “black market” issues, the ban in effect for the past 50 years has failed. While strictly governed, the study recommends legalization. Just hours after the report was released, a request calling for legalization in the name of “pragmatism” was signed by seventy public figures that include the number two in the ruling party of Macron. 

Sibeth Ndiaye, spokesperson of the government said it is not their stance that goes into cannabis legalization, but Richard Ferrand, parliamentary chairman of Mr. Macron’s LREM, confirmed that the topic remained open to debate. 


The first country to consider cannabis legalization in Europe for personal use will be Luxembourg, one of Europe’s smallest nations. Prime Minister Xavier Bettel declared in November 2018 that a full-scale, adult consumer market by 2022/23 will be legalized in all three major coalition parties – Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party, the Democratic Party, and the Greens. 

Whilst medicinal cannabis has been legal from June 2018, once the new legislation is enacted, the possession of 30 g of cannabis, the same amount as is legal in Canada, will be permissible for individuals. The specific aspects of this law, such as age limits and a ban on non-residents to discourage drug tourism are still under consideration. 

United Kingdom 

The United Kingdom has seen shifts in drug legislation in the past year, inspired by the Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell incidents. The boys had suffered from serious seizures and were prohibited from receiving cannabis drugs by the State.  

The Home Office launched a study of medicinal cannabis, which ultimately resulted in its reportage, following a media storm focused on Billy Caldwell’s mother Charlotte attempting to get his son’s medication over the borders. Since then, two drugs based on cannabis have gained NHS approval and CBD health products are becoming increasingly relevant and can be bought on the streets. 

The interest in recreational legalization has grown amid these changes. Earlier this summer MPs David Lammy, Norman Lamb, and Jonathan Djanogly traveled to Canada to gain a deeper understanding of controlled cannabis markets policies, business, and public experience. In the BBC coverage, each MP concluded that markets for adult use should be legalized in five to ten years. 


Cannabis legalization in Europe for recreational use has been taking the course, or at least the possibility to do so is debated. However, it is important to note that in some countries the rate of reform is slowing, with the Italian decision in May 2019 to ban sales of ‘light cannabis’ products up to 0.2% THC. 

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Cannabis Indica: The world’s low-key drug.

Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa were words introduced in the 18th century to describe the different species of Cannabis. Indica has evolved to representing stout, and broad-leaf plants thought to deliver sedating effects. Cannabis contains hundreds of chemical compounds that create a unique harmony of effects. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD) and terpenes are the most common. THC makes us feel high and hungry, and relieves pain, nausea etc. CBD is a non-intoxicating compound known to reduce anxiety, pain and many other medical ailments. Aromatic compounds commonly produced by plants and fruits are called terpenes. Terpenes, produced by the same glands that secrete THC and CBD, are what make Cannabis smell like fruit. The common terpenes found in Cannabis are Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Terpinolene. However, it is still unknown how the different combinations of terpenes shape the effects of Cannabis.  

Due to its thick crystal resin coat, the Platinum Kush takes on a platinum-silver shade. This strain is Indica-dominant, with purple hues, bright orange hairs, and dense sweet fruity and hashy aroma buds. Its high is strongly cerebral and body-numbing. Platinum Kush helps relieve stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It has 18% THC with no relevant amount of CBD. The dominant terpene in the Platinum Kush is the Caryophyllene. One might experience a dry mouth after smoking this too much of this strain, paranoia, and dry eyes with low cases of headaches. 

God’s Gift is a descendant of Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush. This strain gets its name from its dreamy and blissful effect. Although one may experience dry mouth, God’s Gift relieves stress and insomnia as one feels relaxed, euphoric, happy, and eventually sleepy. With 14-17% THC and very low CBD, this plant flowers in eight to nine weeks. The dominant terpene in this strain is the Myrcene. 

Named after its geographic origin, the Hindu Kush mountain range close to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, the Afghan Kush is one of the original pure Indica strains. It is primarily known for its large blunt-topped buds densely packed with sticky resins and its powerful sedating effects. This strain has proven helpful for relieving stress and anxiety as its fast and profound sedating effects send the user into a mood-boosting euphoric high that results in a state of blissful happiness. Being more powerful than its counterparts, its effect on dry mouth and eyes is also higher. The Afghan Kush has about 20% THC, no relevant CBD content, and its dominant terpene is Myrcene. 

A mixture of Afghan and Blackberry strains borne the Blackberry Kush, a strain with beautiful dark purple buds with orange hairs. Due to its strong body effects, this strain is recommended for the treatment of pain, anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Among its distinct features are its hashy, jet fuel smell and taste balanced by sweet berries. Taking seven to eight weeks to grow fully, this plant does not produce high yields, but the dense, hard nugs have crystals all through. With its dominant terpene being Myrcene, it has 13-18% THC and irrelevant CBD content.  

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How THC use affects driving by Impairing Your Brain!

The main active ingredient in marijuana is THC. In full, this is Tetrahydrocannabinol. This psychoactive compound has a dramatic effect on two important systems of the body. These are the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the muscular system. Due to these effects, THC can pose a major risk on your capability to drive. Driving under the influence of THC increases your chances of crashing. Read on to discover more on How THC use affects driving. 

How THC acts within your body 

One you consume THC, it affects your body in numerous ways: 

  • The brain and Central Nervous System (CNS): THC acts directly upon the neural pathways in your brain. This psychoactive chemical changes your information-processing mode. As such, your capability to make proper judgment is impaired. This chemical also adjusts how you process information. This is because it slows down the performance of your hippocampus. This prevents you from accessing old memories. It also impairs your ability to make new ones. Due to this effect, you can have trouble remembering road regulations as you drive. This can prove fatal. 
  • The amygdala: Depression mainly affects this section of the brain. THC can stimulate this part and heighten the symptoms of depression. This can cause you to become withdrawn and even contemplate suicide. This revelation of How THC use affects driving can be very dangerous when you are driving.  
  • Your eyes: THC causes blood vessels to dilate. This results in red, dry eyes. You need a clear, uninterrupted vision while driving. Therefore, it can impair this ability for you. With difficult vision, you can end up causing an accident by missing important elements on the road ahead.  
  • The hypothalamic axis: This is a combination of sections within your brain. They include the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and amygdala. Together, they control anxiety levels. THC reduces the efficacy of these sections in your brain. As a result, your ability to experience anxiety heightens. This can result in panic attacks.  Should this happen as you drive, it can result in a panic attack and a grisly accident.  
  • Nervous system: THC is psychoactive in nature. This means that it affects the nervous system. It can cause a delay in the firing and reception of messages in the nervous network. This can cause significant delays in executing commands from your brain to the muscle systems. This delay causes a slow reaction time. This can be very dangerous when you are driving because you may end up involved in an accident. Check out Shroom Hub Canada for an alternative.
  • Cough: Consuming THC can cause you to experience a throaty, consistent cough. This can prove dangerous when you are driving. That is because it distracts you from the road ahead.  


THC is the major compound in marijuana. It has numerous effects on the body. They are explained above. They reveal How THC use affects driving. 

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Outlining The Best Employee Benefits To Give To Your Workers

Employee benefits basically refer to additional remuneration given to workers aside their regular salaries and wages to cater for their expenses click here for payday loan Belleville These benefits are a prime incentive for employees to work to their level bests having in mind that most of their daily expenses are catered for. To be a competent employer, here’s a list of the best employee benefits that you can give your workers:

Health Insurance 

This is simply coverage for medical and surgical costs. Based on the type of health insurance coverage it is, this could work two ways: the insured employee could either pay for their medical expenses to later receive compensation, or the insurer sends the payments to the health service providers directly. Ailments can befall anyone and sometimes treatment costs more than what’s within the patient’s financial ability. Workers, therefore, prefer employers that give health insurance covers to their employees.

Life Insurance

Under this type of insurance cover, the insured party makes monthly or annual payments so that when they die their assigned beneficiaries receive a large sum of money. An employer who gives life insurance coverage to their employees stands the highest chance to attract the most candidates to work for them. Most people in the working-age bracket have families depending on them and would not want to leave them helpless in a case of demise. This is, therefore, one of the most preferred benefits that you should offer your workers as a competent employer.

Retirement Benefits

Any employed person would one day have to stop working mainly as a result of old age. Retirement benefits are simply grants paid to retirees as promised by their employers. Normally, the amount of money that a retired worker is given depends on their initial earnings history, level and rank of service and age. The majorly used formula to determine this is based on the employees’ final salary whereby they are paid a stated percentage of their last earnings for a given number of years after they stop working. Many potential workers would prefer employers that offer these benefits to be sure that their lives would not fall apart when they retire.

Childcare Benefits

Sometimes children to employees require urgent attention that could involve high costs. Childcare benefits are a type of coverage that involves covering partly or fully the costs of an emergency when the insured party’s child falls sick. The job market has become very competitive nowadays and for you to be an outstanding employer you should consider giving childcare benefits to your workers. 

Dental Insurance

With this type of insurance coverage, the employees’ dental costs are catered for. It is one of the best benefits you could offer to your potential workers to attract and retain the most competent of them all. Any person would wish to no longer worry about their dental expenses and if you offered this type of coverage, a candidate will storm at your door begging to work for you.

Are you are an employer thinking about the types of employee benefits to give your workers? Consider the above-mentioned ones as your prime priority.