The legalization of marijuana has been contested for years for its health benefits as well as recreation. Many states all over the country are ready to vote on their status on election day. A proposition on the ballot would legalize the possession of marijuana. This article focuses on all the states that are looking to legalize cannabis on election day. 

California, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada will vote on making marijuana a legal recreational drug while Florida, Arkansas, and North Dakota will vote on whether they want to legalize medical marijuana. 

In Montana, they will vote on whether to ease the restrictions on their medical marijuana system or not. They want to amend the constitution to make 21 the legal age to possess and consume marijuana. In another initiative, a 20% defined tax would be imposed on the drug. 

Voters in California would have a say on preposition 64 that would allow citizens 21 years and above to use the drug recreationally. It would also regulate a 15% sales tax and also a tax on the drug’s cultivation. Then the profits would be used to enforce the regulations. 

In Arizona, they would vote on Proposition 207 which permits residents to possess up to 1 ounce and grow up to six plants on their property. They can also create a regulatory system for the products’ growth and sale. Medical use of marijuana has been legalized in Arizona for a decade now. 

In Maine, the voters can use Question 1 to legalize marijuana for recreation use and also place a 10% tax on the sales. Although the Governor of Maine does not support the legalization, the residents of Maine would be required to use the drug in the only non-public places. 

While in Nevada, the voters will decide on Question 2 which would authorize marijuana retail stores to sell it. People over 21 also are allowed to possess marijuana. 

Voters in Massachusetts can use Question 4 not only legalizes the drug but also to allow the commonwealth to regulate the tax and usage of marijuana. Their residents above 21 years would be allowed to grow and use marijuana. When they are in public, they are restricted to carry more than one ounce. 

In South Dakota, they have two questions which would legalize marijuana for adults and establish a medical cannabis program and registration system for folks with qualifying conditions. Dakota can use the two questions to enact the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational. 

In conclusion, ever since Washington and Colorado became the first states to approve the initiatives of consuming and growing cannabis, voters in many states have considered the proposal to legalize marijuana for recreation and medical purposes. 

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