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Traveling with Cannabis around the World

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a psychoactive drug acquired from a marijuana plant and consumed for its relaxing and calming effects. This article focuses on the places where you are allowed to use marijuana around the world. 

Some of the places for Cannabis tourists are: 


Marijuana clubs are constantly popular in western countries, mostly in Barcelona. Cannabis tourists are welcomed there; although they allow the drug to be used, some rules and regulations limit its usage, including possessing, buying, cultivating, and using the drug in a public place as this may cause you to be fined if not jailed. To use the drug in those clubs, you must register as a member to get the drug delivered to you privately. 


Amsterdam, Netherlands is the most obvious place for cannabis tourists; they have been visiting the area for many years to buy the drug sold on the streets. This city is still one of the highly-rated towns where the drug is sold despite other upcoming cities globally, so if you are after the drug’s quality, consider visiting Amsterdam for the taste of cannabis vacation Shiva Buzz. Cannabis enthusiasts around the world who usually attend the annual cannabis trade show mostly come from this city. 


Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize the use of bhang in the year 2013, and the town of Montevideo was the integral un that movement. Tourists who love bhang should consider visiting Montevideo, where you will meet farmers who are experienced in the cultivation of marijuana, and they will reveal to you the secret of the practice. 


If you are a tourist looking for a luxurious cannabis vacation, then embark on the highest experience in the province of British Columbia in Canada, where recreational bhang is fully legalized. There are many options in this place, including a chopper where you will be whisked off to a secret mountaintop location where chefs will give you marijuana-induced food. 

New Zealand 

New Zealand has a place called Christchurch, where they offer educational cannabis vacation even though the drug is not yet legalized. The library in this place, which stocks over a hundred books about this drug, has impacted the global cannabis community. This area has been at the forefront of fighting for the legalization of the country’s bhang. 


In this country, marijuana is sold even in the restaurant by being induced on some foods and marked with the menu name ‘happy.’ However, it is still illegal but is culturally accepted, cheap and ubiquitous. 

Czech republic 

Cannabis is legal in this country, but there are restrictions that you should not be found in possession of up to 15g of it since it is assumed that it is more than you plan to have for personal use during the trip. Moreover, it has been fully legal for five years as it was used for medicinal purposes. 


Although marijuana is considered therapeutic, some countries have not yet legalized its usage within their boundaries; therefore, if you are a marijuana tourist, consider going through the rules governing cannabis usage in the country you are planning to visit.